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What is Learning Design and Technology?

Part of my learning process in the Learning Design and Technology program at Purdue was to gain a deeper understanding of my field. The first step was to understand what is meant by the term "Learning Design and Technology". We did this exercise when we started the program and when we ended the program and it was no surprise that all of our definitions evolved as a result of immersing ourselves in the science of learning. Every one of my cohorts had a slightly different definition of what "Learning Design and Technology" meant, but there was consensus that it involved technology and learning. Here is my definition:

Learning design and technology is the analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation of processes and methodologies, enhanced by the use of technology and applicable resources, to facilitate learning and improve human performance.
To add another wrinkle, the discipline is also known as Instructional Design and Technology AND most practitioners are referred to as Instructional Designers. But that is discussion for another day...