Instructional Design and Technology Services

The application of technology to effectively solve a problem relies on systems thinking because no problem exists in a vacuum ~ Linda Ensign

Our Services

Yellow Hare Inc is available for select short-term Instructional Design and Technology projects. Our services include, but are not limited, to:

  • Applying cutting-edge instructional technology and design theories to the creation of teaching and learning strategies;
  • Developing curricula, courses, modules, activities, assessments, and feedback strategies to promote active learning and meet instructional goals;
  • Designing, developing, and delivering workshops and presentations on instructional design and technology;
  • Assessing innovations in hardware, software, and internet technologies to assess their potential for supporting instructional goals;
  • Developing assessments and evaluations to evaluate the effectiveness of instructional design and technology;

Work with Us

Please provide valid contact details below, and we will respond within 5 business days.

Our Value

By hiring us, you have access to the following:

  • Practical experience applying learning theories, instructional design methodologies, and information system design models to create effective learning solutions.
  • Decades in corporate information technology building information systems that integrate seamlessly with larger, enterprise systems ensure that the solutions we create work within the larger whole that is your organization.
  • Expertise in a variety of programming languages, databases, learning management systems and operating systems allows us to focus on choosing a technology that supports the solution, instead of trying to force a specific technology into a solution.
  • Experience creating effective learning solutions that integrate animation, text, graphics, audio, video, and sound.
  • Deep insights into learner and teacher experience from attending, and teaching, online at the graduate level.

Our Philosophy

Yellow Hare Inc Philosophy

Effective solutions rely on a multidisciplinary approach integrating theory and practice, systems thinking, communication design, and efficient technology.

Our Clients

A small selection of our client work.

Bath Spa University

Bath Spa University

Created a 12-week online module to teach current and new BSU faculty how to design online and blended learning.

Arudia Win-Win eLearning

Arudia Win-Win eLearning

Installed and customized Moodle. Developed eLearning based on existing workshop, using recognized eLearning standards and effective learning pedagogy.

Small Business Technology & Design Series

Small Business Technology & Design Series

Design, develop, present, and evaluate a series of 4 in-person workshops teaching technology and design subjects to clients of the Community Business Partnership (Springfield).